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Thread: Kaetlyn Osmond:Last World Champ Without Triple Axel or Quad?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sx98423 View Post
    lilbet only has like 2 major competitions left this season
    Worlds and ??

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    Quote Originally Posted by concorde View Post
    Worlds and ??
    Winter Universiade possibly?

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    I just noticed Elizabet is training with Eteri. Her jumps look so much bigger than before.

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    The thread title remind me of Dorothy Hamill being called
    the last single skater to win the Olympics without a triple jump.

    She won 1976 Olympics and Worlds.
    She had 2A and that was enough(jumps-wise) to win.

    Skaters of next generation like Linda Fratianne, Anett Potzsch and Dagmar Lurz
    had triple jumps.

    They pushed boundary to end 2 decades of 2A era.

    "Is boundary moving now?"

    Are Trusova, Shcherbakova and Kihira present day of them?

    Pushing boundary to end 3 decades of 3Lz era.

    Or skaters like Zagitova, Kostornaia or Sakamoto can anchor current boundary ?
    (like Yamaguchi and Kim did.)


    Wasn't transitional period 1977-(around)90 between 2 era exciting?
    As Witt did 1984 and 1988, 3T and 3S was enough to win.
    But skaters had different arsenal like we are seeing men comptition now.

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