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Thread: Musicality, learned or innate?

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    Some children seem to have been born with music as their first innate language.
    Check out Emily Bear and Alma Deutscher.
    Both girls are exceptionally talented players, improvisers and composers since they were toddlers.
    Alma (really good presentation of brainy Alma at 10 years old, the cogs in her head turn so much faster than she is able to talk, yet her speech is still so eloquent): , the visible joy of playing
    Emily (playing a medley of her own compositions which topped the Jazz charts):
    Love how the experienced session player give Emily their best efforts.

    PS: Emily played live to a figure skating program in Switzerland some time ago, a clip should probably be available on YT.
    Perhaps she is open to commissions for FS music in her own jazzy latin style?

    This child plays learned music I think, while she is still very good, it sort of lack the spontaneity of the 'natural' talents:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Baron Vladimir View Post
    Facial expression is a type of body activity people are most relatable to by nature, and as important part of any human activity it is important in interpretation of the music too. Evgenia and Ashley are very good examples of using the facial expression to interpret the music.
    They also can be used to reach the crowd...Kegan Messing is a master...Uno needs help in reaching the crowd...(I am still an Uno fan)

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    Quote Originally Posted by cleopatra20042004 View Post
    🙌 this post was everything!!!

    So I cheated and googled. I looked at this from a musician POV, although the dance is probably the most appropriate performing art equivalent.
    These guys argue that musicianship is the more formal term for musicality. So they defined musicianship as the knowledge, skill, and artistic sensitivity in performing music.

    They have a simplified definition of musicality as a set of “inner skills” which let you freely and confidently express yourself in music.

    They end with their list of skills needed for a musician to be musical. From personal experience, some of those skills I am naturally good at, but I had to be shown how to do all of them and I had to practice each on my own.

    It’s all on a spectrum, very rarely an either/or. Knowledge must be imparted/taught, skill is taught but must be developed by the person themselves, artistic sensitivity seems to be innate but that too can be taught and developed although with some difficulty.
    Aw, thanks!

    It's interesting that you mention from a musician's POV, because that was a big feature in my lit review--most of the available literature on musicality is for musicians. Only a tiny fraction is for dance, and of that fraction most of it is written by musicians for dancers, basically a mini music theory course. There's maybe a half dozen quality sources, if that, on teaching musicality in terms of what that actually means and how it works. I'm guessing there's even less for skating.

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