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Thread: Corns on Toes

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    Corns on Toes

    Do any of you have corns on your toe joints from your skates? What do you do about them? Remove them, prevent them, wear them with pride and put sparkles on them when you wear open-toed shoes?

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    OMG I'm having a bad flashback on this topic! I wore a used pair of Jacksons for a few years as my "work skates." Both of my little toes developed corns on the sides and they were painful.

    To help alleviate them I did a few things:
    1. Bought the Dr. Scholls liquid corn remover kit to help soften them.
    2. Bought corn pads with the little discs to help desolve them.
    3. Lightly filed them and followed up with lotion to soften them once they got smaller.
    4. ALWAYS used moleskin on the area once they were gone; I did not want them to come back!

    I do have a non-skating friend with corns that wears sandals so yeah, go ahead and put sparkles on yours and display them proudly if it makes you happy. :-) Me - I'm happier being pain-free now that they are now gone.

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