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Rika is joining the crowd of normal skaters now. Vulnerable to pressure and expectations. And that's good. Youthful energy can carry you a bit in the very beginning, but to make a longer lasting impact you should need maturity.
I hope the same happens to Trusova next season. You cannot base your entire success on one or two jumps with no plan B.
So happy about Liza. That's the best that happened at WTT.
And I am also hoping the gap between P/C and S/K starts to shrink. I am tired of dance results being published long before the competition.
So true. But there is some movement from 2 to 8th. Some people are expecting a move from Fear and Gibson but I am not sure there is much room unless Weapo retire. Remember there will be another Russian team to challenge for top ten possibly and the US would be stronger if that is p ossibleifthe Shib sibs come back. And Fear and Gibson will also be challenged by the Danadians. I think we need to accept WTT is a fun cheesefest that counts to world standings. As much as we celebrate ie Tennell's success it is an event wher eskaters gomore for the money and fun - they are tired, all the big competitoins are gone, you can tell the prestige is low - Russia doesn't even send its top skaters.