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    Games of Thrones

    So I read all the books before the series on TV started. He still has two to write and I'm not growing any younger

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    Same here. My entire group of friends 10 years ago were all obsessed about the book series and we used to talk fan theories all the time about where the series would go.

    Not holding out much hope for a proper conclusion in book form though.

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    He has been working on the sixth book (The Winds of Winter) for over eight years! Martin is closing in on 71....not saying that's old, but there is also a seventh planned to finalize everything (A Dream of Spring).

    He said in an older interview: "It’s not the end for me. I’m still deeply in it. I better live a long time because I have a lot of work left to do."

    In 2017, the writers for GOT mentioned having prequel spin-offs which I'm looking forward to. I remember when the same was done for Breaking Bad (to Better Call Saul) and I wasn't disappointed

    I'm just wondering how much the books will differ from this last GOT TV season.

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