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Thread: What is Theatre on Ice?

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    What is Theatre on Ice?

    Theatre On Ice (TOI) is a form of competitive figure skating that is popular in Europe, where it is known as Ballet on Ice. It combines the grace of figure skating with the excitement of theater and dance. Teams consist of between eight and 30 skaters. Solo skating is discouraged, but is permitted in limited amounts if it enhances the overall telling of the program's story. The programs are judged by regular U.S. Figure Skating judges and are evaluated on technical merit and presentation with emphasis on originality, costuming, artistry and musicality.

    In figure skating, a routine is known as a program. In the program, singles skating, pairs, ice dance, and synchronized skating may be used. In addition, the program must tell a story or act out an emotion or idea. This is done through the technical elements as well as the emotions and body movements of the skaters.

    Each routine is set to music of the team's choosing, which compliments the theme of the routine well. This music may be instrumental or it may have words, however, the music must be tasteful and not contain any use of foul language.

    Next, each routine requires costumes that fit the theme. They may be unique, and teams are encouraged to do so. However, these costumes must also be in good taste and may not be revealing. The costumes help to act out the theme, just as in a play performed on the stage.

    Finally, each routine will most likely have props to help act out the theme as well as a set, to transport the audience to the place and time being portrayed on the ice. Both of these are optional, but are typically encouraged for teams to use both of these things to help express their theme.

    An additional type of routine is called a choreographic exercise. This is a new type of program that is being developed. Each year, the requirements for this program change. In this type of program no sets or props or unique costumes are allowed. Each team must only wear black, from neck to ankle, with hair in pony tail and no visible makeup.

    There are several TOI teams and TOI competitions around the country.
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