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Thread: Should I change skates?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nimyue View Post
    Then you need to upgrade them now, not in a year! You're saying you already have ankle problems... and yet you want to wear a boot that is not supporting you for another year? I'm in my 30s, having skates that are supportive and safe is a top priority. Injuries are awful. I rolled my ankle and was out for six weeks. If I broke my landing ankle I'd be out for months. It's not worth it. Don't skate in boots you don't feel have adequate support for what you are doing.

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    Yes, definitely upgrade them now, and also make sure you have the right size and width.

    As for being okay in Choruses because of what OP is wearing now, I was doing toe loops and Salchows and hydroblading in ancient recreational skates meant for nothing more than skating in circles. I was lucky in those, not okay, as the scars on my ankles show.

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