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Thread: Possibly first comp?

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    Possibly first comp?

    So i'm 15 and my lessons don't start till October but im counting down the days! There is an ISI competition in the spring that my local rink takes some kids too. Do you possibly think I could compete in the lowest level if I tried really hard? I've skated before like after hockey games etc. but never lessons until now!

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    Whether your rink will send you to the competition is a question for them. But, if you really want to go, ask them for a clear set of criteria who gets to go, and communicate with your coach that it is your goal to compete. This will help you work towards your goal.

    Good luck!

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    The RINK takes students to the competition or COACHES take their students to the competition?
    Usually it's your coach that decides if you're ready or not to compete. You'll need to get clarification on that.

    If the ISI comp has a category for you to compete in, and you can do the required moves, have the desire, entry-fee and coaching fee in place then I would think you should be ok to go.

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    I think it's possible. Out of curiosity, why are you so eager to start competing? What is it about competing that appeals to you?

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