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Thread: Favourite Past GPFs/Worlds

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    Favourite Past GPFs/Worlds

    It's the off season and there are some great you tubers out there who've posted the final groups of past GPFs/Worlds/Olympics/Europeans/4CCs and I was wondering what everyone's favourite competitions from the past have been and why?

    People's favourites so far:
    - 2016 Worlds (8)
    - 2015 GPF - Men (7)
    - 2018 Olympics (6)
    - 2017 Worlds (5)

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    Last season's JGPF 2017 was one of the best ladies competitions I've ever seen. High level skating one after another, twas amazing.

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    First one that pops into my head is 2015-2016 GPF men's FS.

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    Olympics 2018, of the three OG I watched so far, IMO, has the strongest performances and deepest fields across all four disciplines.

    The full events are posted on the Olympic Channel for those looking for them:

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    Barcelona both times was great, boston was fun, Tokyo, Gothenburg, and i liked Marseilles and Fukuoka a lot too

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    Going by skates I re-watch the most, it would be 2016 Worlds.

    Javier Fernandez FS ... Incredible charm and beautiful smooth quads, Perfection. (and his SP just to remind myself of what he had to do in the FS)

    Adam Rippon FS .... Beatles ... and his pluperfect, ethereal interpretation of McCartney's "Blackbird"

    Ashley Wagner FS to Moulin Rouge ... Exquisite, dramatic, thrilling ... all of which applies to the program, then to watching the scores come up. Raf showing how much he cares.

    Ashley's SP ... ending HHCC perfectly after nailing everything, then jumping up and down, falling, shock for split second then, she flips her ponytail and laughs. Kurt Browning on the cbc broadcast saying .... "And that shows exactly what Ashley Wagner is like" ... or words to that effect.

    Papadakis and Cizeron FD. Like an eternal moment of being on the ice, and inside a work of art. Never wanting it to end.

    Grant Hochstein's Les Miserables FS. Pure emotional power.

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    Men' FS at GPF 2015 was truly god-tier.

    PC Olys FS is not bad either, just not as nearly thrilling as GPF 2015 for me.

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    1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary - still my favorite Winter Olympics - - The Battle of the Brians, Midori Ito, & G&G!

    2016 Worlds - being there for so many wonderful performances! Especially ecstatic for Javi, Ashley, and the US men all finishing in the top 10!

    1996 Worlds - wish we could have been there to see Todd & Michelle win Worlds!

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    2007 GPF ladies: Gold and Silver delivered strong technicals contents in FS. The rivalry would have been more interesting if Mao still had this level during all the quad.

    2015 GPF Men: There is not enough words for this.

    2016 Worlds ladies: Top 8 was incredible. Very deep field.

    2017 Worlds Men: Man, with 300 points you are not even on podium.

    2017 worlds pairs: That was the best pairs competition that i've seen at worlds. everyone should have skated the free. Tied with 2018 olympics for the best competition of the decade.

    2017 JGPF ladies: The future.

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    2015 GPF Men
    2017 Worlds - all disciplines (especially Men & Pairs but everything was wow)
    2016 Worlds
    2017 JGPF
    Olympics 2018 All disciplines

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    From those I re-watched lately...

    - both GPFs in Barcelona - even watching it on TV/computer screen, the atmosphere was AMAZING, just so much enjoyment. Watching Yuzuru, Javier and WeaPo's performances moves me still even after few years

    - Worlds 2016 in Boston - mainly due to this sentiment I have for Shibutanis, Anna Pogorilaya and Sui/Han

    - Worlds 2017 in Helsinki - again, personal sentiment for Virtue/Moir, Sui/Han, Savchenko/Massot, Canadian ladies, Mai Mihara's come-back...

    - Worlds 2008 in Gothenburg - immortal and iconic 'Umbrellas From Cherbourg' and Cyber 'Swan Lake'

    - Worlds 2007 in Tokyo - that senior debut from Tessa and Scott, Mao Asada and Romanza SP by Shen/Zhao which is probably my most frequently re-watched performance from Pairs of all time, just timeless emotion and elegance in every movement!

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    2013 Worlds for ladies comp. Loved it. Kaetlyn Osmond's debut with awesome programs, and great skates from everyone.

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    2016 Worlds Women - not just because my fav won the silver but also because there was so much, beautiful clean skating and great performances. Evegenia, Anna, Rika, Ashley, Mao . . .

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    1999/2000 season GPF, when Irina S regained her place at the top of the sport and became a legitimate rival to Michelle. I think that fueled Michelle at 2000 and 2001 Worlds, where she had to skate her best to top Irina's strong performances.

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    GPF 2015 - this is like the best competition ever in men discipline
    Olympics 2018 - a roller coaster of emotions, all disciplines were amazing, I cry, I laugh*, I Scream, I die
    Worlds 2016 - even when my heart break a lot, I really like it, mostly because Javier's amazing FS
    Worlds 2017 - that was a good one too, but my heart broke again, this time because of Javier's FS
    Worlds 2015 - it was a good one
    Olympics 2014 - it was a bittersweet competition, I like the winners on ID and men, but the rest was meh, BUT Yulia's amazing FS in the Team competition... simply outstanding

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